Hi, my name is Peter Haluska.

I am a web developer and designer.

I am in love with PHP and especially with the Laravel framework and I like to code beatiful and modern websites. Because I could not really choose between frontend and backend, I do them both. :)

At the very moment I work full-time as a web application developer in Bratislava, Slovakia.

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As I can remember, I have also been interested in web technologies...At the age of twelve I made my first website I think, but I can't quite remember, if I was using Microsoft Frontpage or Macromedia Dreamweaver. That time I had no clue that actually I was editing text files, I was just happy to have created something.

So it was quite straightforward, that I went to study applied informatics to the Slovak Unversity of Technology. In my bachelor thesis I coded OS X applications and widgets (which were actually pure HTML/JS files) and in my diploma thesis I have coded a simple CMS in Ruby on Rails.

After graduating, I had the chance to work on several interesting projects, so I could learn both frontend and backend part of the web development. Usually here comes the question, whether I consider myself as a frontend maniac or a backend geek...I really don't know. I just like to make modern, fast and as secure web applications as I can.

PHP (Laravel, CodeIgniter, CakePHP)
JavaScript (jQuery, Vue, ES6)
DB (MySQL, PostgreSQL)
Apache web server
Ruby on Rails

Work & education

2017 - present  

Web application developer @ ESET

Currently I am working as a web application developer in Bratislava. Still using Laravel, Wordpress, coding sexy CSS (SCSS) and modern JS apps with Vue...with all the cool stuff, like Docker, Git, Webpack, Jenkins.

2016 - 2017  

PHP developer @ SoftPoint s.r.o.

After a year and a half of freelancing, I have joined the team of SoftPoint s.r.o.
a group of incredibly talented young people. Here I have worked on bigger projects than ever for international companies.
I have learned many new things, my OOP skills improved a lot and also it was a great opportunity to work in a bigger team, so I could master version controlling too (using Git).


2015 - 2017  

Freelance web developer

After 3 busy years at my previous employment, I have decided to write another chapter in my life, so I became a freelancer. During this time, I have worked on several interesting projects mainly in cooperation with Truben Studio.
It was a great opportunity to work for a graphic studio, because I was able to further develop my frontend skills.


2012 - 2015  

SW Engineer @ KON-RAD spol. s r.o.

In this food export-import company I am working as a SW engineer, but my main role is to maintain web applications. I have developed a custom e-shop using the CodeIgniter framework, and currently I am developing a responsive web application for our salesmen (using Laravel).



Graduated from STU

I've successfully graduated from the Slovak University of Technology, with an "Ing." degree (something similiar to "MsC."). In my diploma thesis I have dealt with modern web technologies and coded a custom CMS in Ruby on Rails using the newest standards (HTML5, CSS3).


PHP developer @ FUN-HOUSE s.r.o.

During my studies I have worked as a part-time PHP developer. This was the first time when I got my fingers dirty by analyzing and coding complex web applications and CMS systems. I have started using the CodeIgniter framework, which that time was one of the most popular PHP frameworks.



Finished my bachelor thesis

I have always liked to experiment with new technologies, that's the main reason why I've written my bachelor thesis about developing applications for the OS X operating system. It was quite fun, I got an insight on xCode, Objective-C, the Cocoa framework. And I also made some widgets, which were written in JavaScript.

2008 - present  

Web developer and web admin @ ZUŠ Šamorín

My very first contract as a web developer. I had to convert PSD to HTML, and make a static website. Would you believe if I've said that the site is still alive and up to date?:) Of course it's crappy, and still static, but unfortunately there was no time(and need) for an update.



University studies @ STU FEI, Bratislava

Since I was a little kid, I always wanted to be a web developer. That was the main reason, that after finishing high school, I decided to attend the Slovak University of Technology and it's Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology. I've choosen applied informatics as my study programme, later we have specialized on modeling and simulation of event systems.

1999 - 2007  

Gymnázium Imre Madácha s v.j.m. Šamorín

I've attended the local high school in my hometown, Šamorín. Here I've learned the basics of web development, we made ugly websites using Frontpage, and later Dreamweaver. And not to forget, our teacher tried to teach us to code in Pascal - that time I had no idea what he was talking about...

Contact me

It looks like you're still reading my page. Awesome! If you want to drop me a few lines, here is my e-mail: info@peterhaluska.com.